10 K-Pop songs to get you in a summer mood!

Summer is here and we can already feel the heat as we start planning adventures to make the most of this amazing time of the year. As the music freak I am, I love to make playlist that go with each moment of my life, and every summer needs its own. That’s why I have gathered here my 10 top songs for this period and, at the end of the post, you will find a collaborative Spotify playlist so you can add your favorites as well. Do you want to see my picks?

  • Sistar – Touch My Body

Name a more iconic summer group than SISTAR. Every song they released had the power to instantly transport you to an idyllic paradise. Touch My Body is one of their most famous songs and an clasic one in the K-Pop industry covered by many artists. It’s such a shame that we are not able to get more summer bops from them.

  • Red Velvet – Red Flavor

A song that can uplift anybody’s mood, that’s what Red Flavor is. From the beat, to the lyrics to the colorful MV, this is a song that HAS TO be in your summer playlist no matter what.

  • Girl’s Generation – Party

Can you imagine getting ready for a summer night with your girlfriends? Now imagine that same scene with Girl’s Generation’s Party song playing in the background. It’s the perfect one to cheer anybody up and get your body ready to make a lot of summer memories with your friends.

  • Zico – Boys and Girls

This is a personal choice as I really vibe with this one and is always part of my summer memories’ soundtrack. It may be the beat, the casual lyrics or who knows what, but there’s something about this song that can make you happy instantly.

  • Kard – Hola Hola

It’s a clear fact that Kard songs can get you in the party mood in just a moment with any of their songs, but Hola Hola has a special feeling that screams summer. The MV along with their outfit is just an ode to this time of the year. What are you waiting for to add this bop to your playlist?

  • Mamamoo – Starry Night

This is one of my favorite songs whatever the season is, but it’s true that it sounds like summer – that is if seasons could have a sound. If you haven’t seen the MV, watch it now, it is a masterpiece in a class of its own. Sheer dresses, beaches, bright colors, road trips… name anything summerier than this.

  • Oh My Girl – Nonstop

Probably one of the summeriest songs released this year so far. It’s a really easy song to listen to that can be part of your summer soundtrack. In an ideal world I would wake up to the rays of sun peering through my window while this song is playing in the background – oh and wearing those sequins pants that JiHo is rocking in a scene from the MV.

  • Ateez – Wave

I may be a bit biased here, but you can’t deny that Wave is a summer bop and will always be. Just by watching the MV I can feel the heat and a strong need to go to the pool with friends to have a chill day, take pictures, drink by the water and plan our next road trip.

  • Itzy – Icy

Ice is what we need for the heat that’s coming. This cool song is, surely, going to bring some freshness to your summer days. On top of that, the empowering lyrics are ones to live by in order to stop caring about what others think about us and start enjoying our life to the max.

  • TWICE – Dance The Night Away

I could not end this list without this epic summer song that NEEDS TO BE in every summer playlist out there. This is such an enjoyable, fresh and cheerful song that can lift anybody’s mood at any time. Don’t believe me? Try to listen to this bop when you are feeling a bit down and you’ll almost instantly forget about your worries.

I’ve gathered all these songs in a Spotify playlist plus some other bops that scream summer to me. This a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add your suggestions and let’s all enjoy this uncommon summer that we are facing! ♡


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